Daito-ryu Aikibudo, Certa Shihan's School
大東流 - 合気柔術 - 合気武道 - 小野派一刀流




Purpose of the Daitokai is to develop, in the western countries, the teachings of Takeda Tokimune (1916-1993) and Kato Shigemitsu (1940-2013), respecting and handing on faithfully the entire technical curriculum of the Daito School practiced in the Daitokan dojo and Nakagawa Ise Budokan of Abashiri.

It is present in : Italy, France, UK, Republic of Macedonia, Russian Federation, Thailand and USA.



For the purpose of disseminating the art of Aikijujutsu in the West the Group annually organizes many activities. These activities are guided solely by respect for Japanese tradition. The aim of these activities is "to live and to follow the traditional and cultural way of martial arts and Japanese culture". With the organization of seminars, instructor courses, awards and ranks of openness of the new dojo fulfills its purpose, to develop and pass on the teachings of Takeda Tokimune and Kato Shigemitsu to new generations of fans of Budo. The Daitokai International Group is no policy, no profit, no discrimination of sex and race, it is open to all martial arts fans.


Send a request for inscriptions through an e-mail at certa@daito-ryu.com, with small curriculum of martial experience, or contact the dojo-cho of your nation.
- Inscriptions
- New opening of the dojo
- Ranks recognized
- Seminars
- Instructors courses


On this page you will find all the information belonging to the Group:
- nominative, address, email, phone, website.


Want to discover Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu in Daitokai Headquarters or at your home dojo?
- If you are a practitioner or manage a dojo and want to come learn Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu/Aikibudo in Italy or invite Certa Shihan at your dojo, please contact our e-mail, we will do our best to answer your questions and help you.
Why join us ?
- First and foremost, you are supporting an organization dedicated to furthering the art of Daito-ryu exactly as it was studied and practiced the old Daitokan dojo in Abashiri.
- Daitokai certifies the promotions you make, and the promotions are recognized by other Daitokai dojos and other association. This means that a student can move from one Daitokai dojo to another without losing rank. It also provides internationally recognized certification that enables black belts to teach at other dojos or set up their own dojos.

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